Year of release: 2018
Format: Album
Catalog number: WAM-100

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PorMedio is an album of original music that connects the two far sides of the mediterranean, between Jerusalem and Andalusia. Flamenco mix with Middle Eastern Arabic and Jewish music. As a musician who grew up in Israel, but searched for new musical frontiers in Spain, PorMedio is my own place in between these cultures. This place tells my personal story but also the story of the millennia-long culture encounters across the Mediterranean, between Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Produced by: Ofer Ronen

All tracks composed by Ofer Ronen (Tracks 1, 6, and 7 include traditional melodies, and track 6 includes a melody by Enrique Morente).

Recorded in the following studios: Dry Town (Barcelona), Anova Studios, Yuval's Studio, Darío Vuelta Frank, Salomor Studio. 2016-2017.

Mixed by: Aurélien Llandy Gana (Whatabout Music)

Mastered by: Alexis Kevork, Kevork Mastering.

Musicians: Ofer Ronen: guitar and oud, Miriam Levy: voice, Leat Sabbah: cello, Yogev Levi: saz, Hagai Leshem: percussion, Garbriel Gonzaléz Padilla: percussion, Albert Enkaminanko: percussion, Mario Carrillo: double bass, Jorge Mesa "El Pirata": palmas and jaleo, Alexander Guitart Luengo: baglama, Anna Casado Colao: voice, Hassan Elbili: voice, Christos Barbas: Ney, Sasha Arganov: cello.

Consulting in production: Yigal Ohayun, Dave Bianchi
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